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INDEX COLOR tutorial

This is specifically for getting a CGA-like effect but this can be adapted for many looks.

This is done using photoshop, but I’m sure you can figure out how to do it in other programs as well, otherwise, get photoshop.


index color dump

I enjoy doing this kinda thing from time to time. :3

Kyari and also Cyndi Lauper KAWAII remixes. :3

I’m kind of addicted to creating these remixes. :3

HATE – alpha 002


Click the coin slot down below to download the first alpha release.  Please send me feedback via email (envelope in the sidepar) or hit me up via skype or twitter or whatever.  I’ll be adding more features and polish over time.  The more people who donate / become patrons, the more I can work on this if you enjoy it!

- – -


DPAD – moves
A – shoots
Y – asteroid mover

- – -


> Player 1

W,A,D – moves
V – shoots
SPACE – asteroid mover

> Player 2

ARROW KEYS – moves
CTRL – shoots
SHIFT – asteroid mover

- – -


- – -

Asteroid mover only moves asteroids medium and large asteroids.

- – -

I made something for your next skype chat


copy paste the above into skype chat for this :

bandicam 2014-04-23 19-09-08-070

Two of my songs pre and post voice surgery

I wrote and recorded these in the early 00′s before my vocal surgery.

Added new backing vocals with my new voice in 2014.

If you have a deep voice and would like to have a higher natural range I highly recommend the Femlar from here : www.voicedoctor.net

GamePro Ratings


I decided this would be fun to have for each of my games to kinda give people a summary of aspects of each game, and I figured I might as well share! :3  If you enjoy my free content, please consider becoming a patron or making a one time donation!

You will need Compacta Bd BT font for this template.

podcast #012 – Fuck these simple bitches

This week I speak about gender identity, transition, social justice warriors, and suicide.

Atari Box Art (back) template

ATARIBOXThis is a great photoshop template to use alongside my Atari Cartridge template if you want to give people “screenshots” to go along with your game. :3  Sorry, I didn’t create a front cover template because I just happened to be making this for myself and figure I’d share the love.  I highly recommend doing some research on Atari boxes if you want to organize the text a bit more authentically, otherwise you are welcome to use it as is. :3

Oh, and as with the other template, you are going to need the font MumboSSK which you should be able to easily find online.

A pixel ballad to SJW’s.