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Atari Box Art (back) template


Download the Atart Box Art (back) template by clicking here!

This is a great photoshop template to use alongside my Atari Cartridge template if you want to give people “screenshots” to go along with your game. :3  Sorry, I didn’t create a front cover template because I just happened to be making this for myself and figure I’d share the love.  I highly recommend doing some research on Atari boxes if you want to organize the text a bit more authentically, otherwise you are welcome to use it as is. :3

Oh, and as with the other template, you are going to need the font MumboSSK which you should be able to easily find online.

Feel free to copy and distribute but please credit me for the template by linking back to www.deviever.com!

A pixel ballad to SJW’s.


Why am I worth $1 a month?


I’m fiercely active being creative on a daily basis.  Whether it’s writing and recording music, creating digital illustrations of otherworldly creatures, muxing around with pixel art, or often times even creating video game oddities with strange emotional resonance, I am at my soul, have been, and always will be, a follower of creative passions.

Unfortunately having the freedom to create full time requires that my most basic human needs are met, which means making a living wage that can put food on the table, a roof over my head, health care would be nice since I’m in my 30′s and only getting older, and of course the ability to take care of my kitties, all rescued from shit living conditions years ago. :3

On top of my creative work, I’m also active in advocating for the free speech of others, the creative potential of everyone, and I do so through my podcasts, game jams, and general communications via twitter and elsewhere online as people need my help.

I spend 40+ hour weeks on these things, and I feel my creative output, quality, and the support I give others is worth being supported by those who are privileged enough to have extra money to spend on things like fast food, expensive drinks and popcorn at the movies, or Starbucks coffee.  I often like to joke with people that they should consider me their weight loss plan.  Spend $1 on me so you don’t buy that extra sized bucket of popcorn at the movies. :3

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022 – Suffer a Fool

022 - Suffer a Fool

022 – Suffer a Fool

I had this idea for a #genderjam game that mutated and twisted an element of childhood in a strange feminist matriarchy patriarchy mishmash of culture and memory.

When I was young, I had a school mate who loved to throw Victorian Tea Parties, where her and her friends would dress up in period wear and have tea.  At least, that’s how I remember it.  My dream as a child was to have tea with them, to play dress up, be one of the girls and well… that’s really all there was to it.  I never had the courage to ask if I could be invited over.  I didn’t feel like it was appropriate.  I must not have been more than eight or nine when this was all happening.  Somehow the idea of what was wrong and right in regards to gender had been beaten into my head, although I have tried time and time again to dig back into the past, even talking with my parents about it, and I have yet to come up with a concrete idea of how I learned what gender was “supposed” to be.

Either way, I hold close to my heart this memory of never belonging with these girls growing up.  Never getting the opportunity to express myself the way I wished.  I was thinking about this in regards to the #genderjam.  I wanted to do something that was autobiographical, and for a while now I’ve been considering doing a straight up autobiography in video game form.  I imagined a game that would take people through mini-games of my most intense memories.  It’d probably be an on-going project… but anyhow… thinking about that, and the #genderjam, a sudden burst of inspiration leaked into my conscious.  The idea of doing a Victorian Tea Party, where you, as a clown, had to try and navigate around a room to take part in the Party.  The thing is, with your big clown feet, you’d be clumsy and pretty much be guaranteed to ruin everything.  You’d have to try and go through some steps of pouring tea and drinking it, without making the girls at the party too cross, otherwise they’d kick you out.

Amusingly enough, the idea really sprang from the fact I always used to think my feet looked like big clown’s feet and was a huge part of my gender dysphoria deep into my transition.  So I figured, why not go all the way with that feeling and create a clown who was the personification of the height of my dysphoria.  Give him a huge chin, baggy clothes, big shoes.  I was also kinda inspired by Dropsy the clown, a lovable clown created by a friend of mine, who he is turning into a wondrous adventure game.  I dunno.  Something about a tragic, but lovably endearing clown seems like a great idea as a protagonist.

021 – Skull Robot Thing

021 - Holy Ghost

021 – Holy Ghost

So a few days ago I made a sketch using the ol’ tablet and since my settings were already set to pixel art mode, I decided to just run with it.  What came out was pretty amazing.  See, when I sketch in real life, I love using pens.  There’s something about the darkness to them I like a lot.  Ballpoints are cool because you can actually get some decent shading out of them, but sometimes I use uniballs because I like the high contrast.  That’s what messing with hard pixels, just black and white, first reminded me of.  Then, because I had been doing pixel art that needed some classic checker patterned shading, I end up doing some fill patterns using just that, but black and white… and ho boy, dat nostalgia blast from the late 80′s early 90′s hit with the full force of a floppy flying at maximum g-force.

Definitely a style I’d like to stick with.  I think it’s hilarious I’m using a high powered program like photoshop along with a tablet to create art that I’ve done with a mouse back when I was a kid on an old Macintosh. :3



Download UFOHNO by clicking here! WIN / MAC / LINUX / CAPX SOURCE CODE

This was created for the April 13th 3 Hour Game Jam… though it took me quite a few more hours than that.  The theme was “Mind Control”.  Did it in one day.  The first game I made since messing around with the Lillian Gish games.  This is very much in the spirit of A Game of Cat and Mouse, but heavier.  There had been a point, in late 2013 when I first started getting into heavy game design that I wanted to make a game involving killing rabbits as they slowly multiplied and took over a research facility.  I think that’s partially where the hopping bunnies in this came from.  The owls came from a preliminary mock up of another game I never got started on, A Cat Named Rape.  Everything else just is.


Number Munchers

Aesthetically, the inspiration for this game definitely came from old Apple IIe games we’d play in elementary school and middle school when our teacher didn’t want to have to deal with actually teaching us.  I imagine the joy and terror a kid would experience playing this game, a lonely tattered floppy disk at the back of a collection of random learning games.

The lesson is : there is no lesson.

This is the first time I decided to use Construct 2′s built in screen effects.  I’ve been avoiding using them because I think creating a fake degraded looking screen is cheesy, but I think I found a combination of effects that worked well to give the game a more authentic old skool look.  I think having been playing a lot of old Atari and NES games recently, it just really captured my imagination, the idea of the old blur, and glow, and scan lines that seemed to give a game more life and organic love.  I think I achieved that with this, and I hope it awakens the fear of childhood in anyone who plays it.

Have some coffee.


Lillian Gish and the Pipes of Reason


Download Lillian Gish and the Pipes of Reason by clicking here!

There truly is not much to say about Lillian Gish and the Pipes of Reason.  I took the basic system I had setup for Lillian Gish and the Edge of Reason and adapted it to a Flappy Bird style clone for Flappy Jam game jam. :3

Originally the idea was that Lillian would be so bad ass that she’d just knife down every pipe that came her way…. kinda the joke being that she was MUCH better a protagonist than Flappy Bird could ever hope to be.  Then it occurred to me that I’d still try and give the game a sense of difficulty my challenging the player to do to task at once, destroying the pipes while avoiding being pushed down by the poor dead goo of those who came before.



Download Nice Klimber by clicking here!

Nice Klimber has to be the game I’ve made that at the time of this writing (04.10.14) makes me laugh the most.  Development was done relatively quickly over the course of two days for a “crap game” jam.  The idea was to make a game that was purposefully crap.  I can’t remember if it had to be a remake of a known game, but regardless, I chose the NES game Ice Climber, which as a child I remember being extremely hard to play due to the fact the jumping mechanic was duel purpose.  You jumped to use a hammer to break ice.  You also jumped to reach the next platform.  It – was – annoying.

So, it occurred to me… how could Ice Climber, an already awful game, be even more awful?  That’s when it hit me… but I’ll let you see it for yourself. :3



Download Lillian Gish and the Edge of Reason by clicking here!

Lillian Gish and the Edge of Reason was a game partially inspired by Jan Willem Nijman’s talk “The Art of Screenshake” which is a brilliant look at giving polish to basic game mechanics to make it more fun.  Over the course of a month I worked hard to try and create a basic, novel, system for what I was eventually hoping to expand into a much larger game.  Other systems not implemented in this final release included Blaster Master style combat via the tank shown at the beginning of the level, as well as a two player vs. mode.  Ultimately I lost motivation to move forward with Lillian Gish due to a number of factors, but mainly because I didn’t feel like I was really able to squeeze gameplay out of it that I would ultimately enjoy playing myself.