Inspired by the great sludgy rock tones of Tool, the Aenima is a high gain fuzz that is noisy.  Noisy like your brain is noisy after doing too much lysergic acid diethylamide and cannabis sativa.  You try to sleep, but you are haunted by the random misfiring of neurons trying to figure out “What the fuck?” and “Why in the world.”  Don’t worry though, because you’ll be clear headed by morning and ready to tell the world “THIS IS WHY I AM ALIVE”.  To fucking rock out and take no prisoners in the last death rattle that is rock and roll.  Then again maybe that’s not what you are into.  Maybe you’re into seeing small children cry as you take their ice cream cone and “accidentally” bump it out of their hands and onto the hot pavement.  God damn you are a horrible person.  Why in the world would you do that?  Oh right, because you don’t give a shit… and neither does this pedal.

Notable users : Nels Cline, Steve Schiff (Nina Hagen Band)

Revision #’s / # made since February 2012
AE12S / 46  – SMD components, everything board mounted, 100k audio volume, 100k linear intensity.

AE12TF1 /12 – through hole, “floating” pcb, audio taper volume pots, other pots linear taper, carbon film resistors, mix of caps Dipped Radial Multilayer Ceramic and metal film poly box caps, TO-92 transistors.

AE13TF2 / 34 - Through hole, “floating” pcb’s, 100k audio taper volume pot, other pot 100k linear taper, all resistors carbon film, all caps Metallized Plastic Film Capacitor, TO-92 transistors.

artwork serial #’s / # made since February 2012
AAE1 / 52 – photo
AAE2 / 2 – photo – original aenima graphics, pentacle and sacred geometry
AAE3 / 38 – photo – 2012 layout with gradiated victorian wallpaper texture