This is a simple fuzz built upon the backs of two basic gain stages voiced for darkness and focus. Fuzzy focus.

Heavily saturated tones that work best when you have a good idea why you are hitting the notes you have decided to strike with your pick, fingers, drum stick, vibrator.

At lower setting it is very similar to the Mosrite Fuzzrite and as the gain is increased can get into more extreme Tone Bender territory.

VERY responsive to your guitar’s tone and volume knob positions.

Revision #’s / # made since February 2012
BF12S / 8 – SMD components, everything board mounted, 100k audio volume, 100k linear intensity (first one is labeled BIF2012SMD)

BF13TF1 / 2 – description pending

artwork serial #’s / # made since February 2012
ABF1 / 9 – photo