One evening at Willy Nelson’s studio in Austin, TX, where Stevie Ray Vaughan and Sublime recorded back in the 80′s and 90′s, I was taking the evening off from learning about audio engineering when a fellow student asked if I’d like to jam with him. He got behind the drums… I got behind a 60′s Jazzmaster and my Stratocaster-laden mind was forever changed. I hungered for the sound of those old 60′s Jazzmaster pickups… but god knows in my early 20′s I couldn’t afford one… and I really enjoyed my Strat, so as I was fooling around one day with trying to get a dark overdrive for bass guitar, I came across this little circuit that did the impossible… darkened up my Strat’s single coils in just the right way to make them sound like those old 60′s Jazzmaster pickups. Over the years though, many a bass player have picked up the Dark Boost and found it to be just the ticket they need to make a big impact in live situations where they have to compete against greedy fucking guitarists who want to take up all the sonic space in the room. Fucking greedy guitarists.


Revision #’s / # made since February 2012

DB12S / 9 – SMD components, everything board mounted, 100k audio volume, 100k linear intensity

DB13TF1 / 1 – through hole

artwork serial #’s / # made since February 2012

ADB1 / 10 – photo - blue and yellow graphic