Ever wanted the tone of Brian May, but without all the fancy fidelity? Well then the Hounds Tooth is for you. Never has your guitar tone been so properly raped as it will have been once you plug the Hounds Tooth into it. You’ll be asking yourself, “Why haven’t I been degrading my guitar signal like this since the very beginning?” The answer is… because you didn’t realize how badly you wanted to sound like shit until you realized you could! Truly though, the Hounds Tooth is probably the pinnacle of usable low fidelity guitar signal processing. It allows for a tonally significant harmonic overlay of your original guitar signal using patented lattice stretching technology (developed by renowned german DIY revolutionary Hügavez Uhfük). Playable sound has never sounded to playable before!

Revision #’s / # made since February 2012

HT12S / 6 – SMD components, everything board mounted, 100k audio volume, 100k linear intensity

HT12TF1 / 2 – through hole, “floating” pcb, audio taper volume pots, other pots linear taper, carbon film resistors, mix of caps Dipped Radial Multilayer Ceramic and metal film poly box caps, TO-92 transistors.

HT13TF1 / 11 – Through hole, “floating” pcb’s, 100k audio taper volume pot, other pot 100k linear taper, all resistors film comp, Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors, TO-92 transistors.

artwork serial #’s / # made since February 2012

AHT1 / 1 – photo
AHT2 / 18 – photo – 2012 update of the original graphic