The Karaoke Party is a huge boost with a nice overdrive top end as you crank the gain. It has been often compared to the sound of old SUNN amplifiers and can do a lot to get your guitar into that same kind of range and tone.

Imagine there is a karaoke party in your amp, and when you step on this pedal, that super drunk guy that always sings a celine dion song gets up and goes to the stage, exactly like that, except this time its actually Brian Johnson and he sings “highway to hell” and its totally awsome….and he pukes on the stage afterwards… – Alastair Victor Leech

Notable users : Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), UNKLE




Revision #’s / # made since February 2012

KP12S / 14 – SMD components, everything board mounted, 100k audio volume, 100k linear intensity

KP13TF1 / 7 – through hole, “floating” pcb, audio taper volume pots, other pots linear taper, carbon film resistors, Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors, TO-92 transistors.

artwork serial #’s / # made since February 2012

AKP1 / 3 – photo
AKP2 / 1 – photo
AKP3 / 5 – photo
AKP4 / 12 – photo – rising sun graphic, 2013 style font layout, black horns, white sun