A notable 90′s alternative rock guitarist approached me via facebook to create him the ultimate fuzz.  He wanted a pedal like the Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz (which I found out was a clone of the infamous Super Fuzz), but with more control over the tone.  This guitarist was also notable for creating amazing fuzz sounds using the IC version of the Big Muff, so I thought it’d be great to have a pedal that combined the more classic sounds of the Super Fuzz, with the arguably more modern sounds of the IC Big Muff.

Unfortunately I’m a rank amateur when it comes to circuit design, so I was lucky enough to be working with the amazing Ken over at Instruments for a New Electric Music (click the link!) to make this amazing fuzz pedal a reality!  With his brilliant engineering we were able to include an extremely useful tone section, clean blend, and mix controls so that all manner of Super Fuzz / IC Big Muff combinations could be achieved!

Fuzz Box Girl and Gearmanndude vs. the Silver Rose

Prymaxe run through