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Click here to download the very first devi ever game pack featuring the games below! FOR WINDOWS ONLY!

Screen shot from the Morty’s Adventure Quest first tech demo…. I guess we can call it that. Me getting my feet wet in Game Maker : Studio. It’s nothing incredibly fancy, but it is definitely a little fanciful. :)

This is a screen shot from Red Knight v.b … The first game I built from scratch since I was a kid (only ever programmed in basic back then)… I think I did these in C++ around 2008 or 2009 … funnily enough programmed them on a Mac, but could only figure out how to compile for windows… the game was extremely convoluted… you had to fight a knight using magic, sword, or a counter attack… and you had to figure out how to counter vs. attacking or an endless stream of knights would eventually wear you down to death.

This was the second iteration of the same game (though you wouldn’t guess it from the lack of color)… this time the gameplay was more streamlined as you were actually moving forward along a path and would face different levels of knights along the way and there was even an end boss! :D

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